From food trends to sustainability to tackling industry challenges, here are our top articles from the month of June. 

#1. 2021/22 Food and Beverage Trends from Culinary Tides

These top five emerging food and beverage trends are the result of a cross-analysis of 224 prediction lists and insights from 179 industry experts.

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#2. Food, Beverage Industry Should Set Sights on Sustainability Journey

With pressure from the USDA and EPA to reduce food loss and waste by 50% before 2030, now is the time for the food and beverage industry to prioritize sustainability initiatives. This guest post recommends several action steps, as well as highlights the benefits of this journey.

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#3. Overcoming Challenges in Plant-Based Production

Food industry companies and startups are making headway in the plant-based space. But consumers are still looking for improvements in taste, cost, and safety. Here are some promising plant-based production solutions on the way.

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#4. Manufacturers in the Food & Beverage Industry: How Can You Cope With Your Fast-Moving Environment?

Staying competitive in this fast-paced industry is far from an easy task. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here’s a look at one product development solution that helps brands take on today’s biggest industry challenges. 

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#5. Whole Foods Predicts Plant-Based Summer Sensations

Whether consumers are grilling, entertaining, or picking out snacks for the kids this summer, these plant-based alternatives are sure to become new seasonal favorites. 

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